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Originally Posted by Wildcat Jon
Well, I'm confirmed through BMWNA and the dealer as my car having left on a ship on 7/9 with arrival around 7/23-25 in Charleston. The OC and the 800 computer lady FINALLY also confirm the car is en route. W&W doesn't recognize my VIN either. Soooooo, I'm assuming that I'm on a non-W&W ship. All sources say I'm on the water on some ship, so that is a very good thing indeed. . . . . Could take delivery around 7/30-8/1 according to dealer.
Hey Wildcat Jon:
An update. Looks like we're "in the same boat" (sorry . . . couldn't resist).
Over the past couple days I've been "negotiating" a delivery date with the Performance Delivery Center in Spartanburg, and know that my wife's car is currently on the water, on a ship named "Engelstad" or "Inglestead" (not at all sure of the spelling), that it does not appear to be a W&W ship, and that it will be in Charleston at the end of the month. That's the good news.
The bad news:
Though the PCD had initially scheduled us to take delivery on Aug. 11th, our schedules are jam packed throughout August and we'll have to wait until August 29th to take delivery! We'll do the PCD on the 29th and then drive back to DC via the Blue Ridge Parkway. A long wait, but it should be worth it.
I assume you are on the same ship, so if you're inclined to and able to track down this Ingelstad (or whatever), keep me posted.