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Thanks guys - I'm not surprised by your responses....I thought the info might get some reactions!!!

Anyway, to continue, dealers rang me...wanted to have it back in Cardiff when I had specified Newport...."because they/we know the car"....when I pointed out that Newport knew the car just as well since they carried out first "fix".....they went quiet....I shoudl perhaps explain that though I live equidistant between the 2, the Cardiff dealership is a pain for me to get to, whereas Newport is fine...

Newport then rang...we can look at your car next week......fine, what about a car for me....Oh...well....we are taking bookings for courtesy cars from April 11th!!!!!!! Well thats no good is it? No sir...well I could maybe get you an Enterprise car but there'd be a charge of 15/day, just like there is for our courtesy cars....Really? Well thats where I'll be going back to BMW because why should I pay for anything while BMW try and sort out my 8 month old car...??? Yes sir, I can see your point....well we could do a collect & deliver....hmmm, so what happens if you can't fix it in a day? Errr, well we will keep you mobile.....hmmm, OK then, lets go with that...(I'll use the Elise for the day once the school run is done!)

So, its booked for collect & deliver on the they could do....just hope it doesn't let me down again in the meantime...

I think, as suggested, an email to customer services is in order today - any particular address used by people, or just the general one?
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