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Trying to figure out which bulb...

Trying to find a bulb that will match the color temperature of the inner DRL with the OEM Xenon beam. This sounds simple, but the catch is I don't want the inner 'reflective dome' to become blue when DRL is not on..... I see that many bulb that gives 4000K+ will be a blue bulb, making the inner light become all blue when the DRL is not on.....

What I don't want is something like this...

I just want the car to look like as if the bulb is not changed when DRL is not on, but the light output by the DRL to match the color temperature of the stock Xenon...

Does such a bulb exist? The PIAA bulb seems to not have blue tinted side glass, anybody have this installed and know whether this will make the reflector dome blue?

The PIAA one seems very expensive tho, compared to other makes like MTec, etc. Any alternatives? Please advice. Thanks!

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