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Originally Posted by shragon
yea, acs stuff has always been expensive.

i still think dinan is a bit expensive, but after taking a tour of their main facility in morgan hill, i can tell you they do a shit load of r&d.
I agree some items are justifiably expensive as they require lots of R&D, items such as exhaust, intakes....etc.

But I really don't think much, if any R&D goes into making a shift knob, ebrake cover, and a toy wheel idrive cover.

If we 're-arrange' the MSRP for those items a bit, I think it makes more sense, i.e.

1.) Shift Knob (Universal): Original $311.00, Reality:113.00

2.) eBrake Handle (Universal): Original $205.00, Reality: 52.00

3.) iDrive Cover (e90/e87): Original $420.00, Reality: 42.00