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Unhappy Bad Day Yesterday....

The Mrs' father (he's 80) is in hospital with a crushed vertebrae after continually falling over at home and Monday night he fell and hit is head on the coffee table and cut his nose, a right mess.
Yesterday morning he was in so much pain they gave him an epidrural which helped a bit but by the afternoon he needed another one. But after this one was administered he took a turn for the worse and went pale and was in and out of conciousness. Apparently some of the serum went to his brain which is possible when injecting into the spinal area. Needless to say my missus was very upset as she was there when it happened. So I left work immediately and foot down headed to the hospital, typically I got stopped for speeding on the way (101kph in an 80 zone in the country) 100 euro fine. I was not happy.
Anyway got to the hospital and he was in intensive care, he did not look good although he was concious, wasnt speaking just mumbling.

The reason for this post is if any of you have any medical knowledge as to the implications of this serum entering the brain, is it just like an anaesthetic that will wear off or is it more permanent ?

I will have a search on the Net meanwhile....

thanks in advance