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I've recently had experience with the 2 in the Triangle area (Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill).

Test drive in Chapel Hill - very pleasant client/customer "advisor". Very good drive to experience multiple roads (I-40, 2 lane "back roads", stop/go, etc.) and the car handling in each. Drove similar vehicle to what I eventually wanted to (did) order.

Started negotiation with Chapel Hill internet sales due to “rules of engagement” in my employers corporate purchase program. Polite and responsive, but not willing to negotiate, at least not in what I believed to be, and this forum suggest, is a reasonable price.

Visited the Raleigh dealer to drive a car much closer to the model I was considering while still negotiating with Chapel Hill sales. Equally pleasant client/customer "advisor". Equally adequate driving opportunity.

Engaged Raleigh dealer on negotiations and got much, much closer to my target price right out the gates.

Summary: Both are equal until you talk price. Demand in the triangle area seems to be strong for these cars, so price negotiations happen and work, but my experience was within but at the high end of the range that you will find in these forums regarding "reasonable range over invoice".