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Originally Posted by 2007_E93 View Post
If it makes you guys feel any better,... I financed a purchase at 6.25% and that was the absolute best rate anywhere for the 335 convertible when I bought it in July 2007. I have a spotless credit history.
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Originally Posted by Payroll View Post
Unless you can somehow convince BMWNA to give you the 3.9%, refinancing with a third-party lender will not lower your rate.

Risk-free treasury bonds are paying around 5% right now. No matter what your credit score is, you are riskier than lending to the US government (at least in theory). If people are lending to the US government for 5%+, depending on term of the loan, they're not going to lend to a riskier borrower for less interest. The only reason BMW NA can offer those rates is because they are incentivizing you to buy the car. The reason I bought the car was because I found the 4.9% attractive (I bought it less than 2 months ago so I share your pain).

Not sure about how it would affect your credit score.
Originally Posted by John 070 View Post
I think there is a lot of naivety on this forum. In general, one cannot usually buy at the lowest, sell at the highest. Usually things happen in-between. Granted, one doesn't usually happen to make a deal just before the situation does a 180 towards the favorable, either.

Don't get me wrong, I know what it feels like to play the coulda shoulda woulda. I daytraded BlackBerry stock in early Oct., and patted myself on the back for making 5/share in a matter of hours. Got out at 103, only to see it go to 133 by the end of Nov. I didn't need that 6 grand, now did I? Of course I could have used it. But I know I should never have been tracking it daily after my position closed at 103. I made money, period, end of story, walk away.

Those of you who got 4.9%, did you think it was a good deal when you got it? Of course you did. What is it to you if someone else buys a car the next day for 3.9%? You were satisfied yesterday, or you wouldn't have driven your car home. That one day may have cost you $11/mo. and $700 assuming you borrowed 25k for 5 years, but that's life.

It took me a long time to realize that I can't buy a stock today at yesterday's price. 3.9% is an incentive, it's not a readily obtainable interest rate to finance a vehicle over 60 mos.
Yeah, both of these are incentive rates to get you to buy the car. You're SOL as far as getting BMWFS to refi. That's not the business they're in.

Originally Posted by silversurfer View Post
Tell me about it. I'm the proud owner of a new 335i sedan. Purchased it on 2/29 and financed @ 4.9%.

Oh well, just enjoy the car since there's no sense crying over spilled milk *sigh*