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Thanks Picus for such a thorough explanation.

Of 1) Zaino Z5pro on dark colors or 2) Jeffs Werkstatt Acrylic Jett (or trigger version) on light colors, which would you recommend for Space Gray Metallic? And if Z5pro is the recommend, do I undertand we'd go from AIO directly to Z5 as final, without any of the other Zaino products in between?

I currently have Sparkling Graphite Metallic, which I AIO then use their Klasse SG Glaze Sealant. This has required waxing after to get good deep shine. Do you fine this is the nature of SG, and wouldn't be necessary with one of the two above?

The Sparkling Graphite is about to go in favor of new being built with Space Gray, so trying to prepare...

Thanks, Norwesterman