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Originally Posted by needforspeed View Post
That's a bit unfair mate.

If you do a search you will see that I was seriously considering getting the 'souped up' renault megane a few months back.

At the time renault were offering good finance and on the face of it the car would have been cheap to own.

What I did find though, after trawling through some renault forums, was that compared to it's peers (e.g. Ford Focus ST, Golf GTi) the initial 'cheapness' of the renault was pretty much cancelled out by the poor residuals. Obviously on a car that's less than 20k this is going to be less of a concern than on a 35K BMW - because the figures are smaller.

My research did also identify a lot of dissatisfaction about warranty issues and servicing - although you could just as easily say that about BMW at the moment - lot's of megane F1 owners had ended up being towed from what I could see.

Anyway .. I didn't intend to knock the cars at all .. I was just trying the balance the argument based on the information I had found myself.
Apologise, I was unfair but I was trying to illustrate the point about residuals not being so bad on these cars and a lot of fun can be had for a much smaller outlay.
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