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Originally Posted by OliH View Post
All I can say is OH MY GOD!!! This car is amazing, no over/understeer to speak of, and a great engine that loves to be redlined. Am now re-thinking my next car after the S3 - buy the wife a sensible estate, and Ill have a little 197 toy.

If you havent driven one, go and drive one - It is astonishing how well it drives, probably the best hot hatch Ive ever driven - This should be a good week.....

Oh and the interior plastics aren't as bad as you think
I havent driven one, but i drove a 182 sport in 2005 i think (might have been 2006) and i thought it drove really well.

Originally Posted by Bumps View Post
More food for thought. BMW price premium, if it hasn't already, will start to look increasingly unjustified IMHO, particularly as their quality appears to be heading south....

Oli, more on the Clio please this week, I'm interested to see what you think after a while, particularly with regard to the short gearing on the motorway. You're not alone in loving it, EVO felt the same about their longtermer (run by someone who owns a Zonda).
So all BMW's quality is heading south? is that so? I have found personally the quality of an E92 far higher than its highly acclaimed predecessor the E46.

Its a well built car which does its job very well. Some people have been unfortunate with their vehicles, which is sad but it does happen with many manufacturers not least BMW.
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