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Originally Posted by dxb335d View Post
So all BMW's quality is heading south? is that so? I have found personally the quality of an E92 far higher than its highly acclaimed predecessor the E46.

Its a well built car which does its job very well. Some people have been unfortunate with their vehicles, which is sad but it does happen with many manufacturers not least BMW.
Carl, I obviously only have limited experience of BMW quality (5 cars over the last 6 years), but so do you for that matter in terms of ownership. I did also say that it is apparently heading south (ie in my experience).

My point is, we see a lot of problems on this very forum with the E9X series, and we are only a small group of owners. Are we the exceptions or the rule? My E92 has been off the road for nearly 6 weeks since I bought it brand new in August 07. Tony's (for instance) is another story altogether, and that's to name but 2. Contrast that with the numerous rattles and creaks in my car, compared with zero in my old E46 (bought at 3 years old.....) during the 2 years I owned that. And it was never recovered by BMW assist either, unlike my E92.

I am well aware that all cars will do this to some extent, my problem is that I increasingly wonder why I paid for a 28.5K car that does what you obviously expect a 15K Renault to do. And have you tried one? It's like the Ford Focus thing, don't knock it until you have is my view.

Now I know you love your car and it's been trouble free so good on ya. I love BMs too but my (and others') experience is really testing my loyalty to the brand, and I may well have issues spending the same or more again on a BM come change time in 18 months. I never say never, though, it will be interesting to see how things go.

Oli - how's the Clio doing then?