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Originally Posted by halfpast3 View Post
Question...if you paid $3.59 a gallon for gas at Chevron today and saw the same station selling it for $3.39 a gallon the next day would you ask for your money back? I know some of you are gonna think thats smart ass or insignificant but really, whats the difference?
There's a big difference. If you locked in a mortgage rate at 7% but then a year from then they drop to 5.5%, are you stuck in the 7% or can you refi? We're talking a sale vs finance for starters. One is a loan and one is a flat out purchase. On the loan, the terms and conditions can change. Even on sales, if a product you buy goes for some special price, generally when it comes to retail you can get a price match for 30 days. When you say it simply "what's the difference", then it seems that way, but in reality there's a lot more in the finance of one than the other.

Why didn't you phrase your question "You buy a $3000 TV one day, and then the next day it's on sale for $1500." Because we all know that you could get $1500 back if that was the case and it's the same with the car. Not a good that you've consumed like gas, milk, or yesterdays burger.