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Originally Posted by cstmx_ryder View Post
I see in your sig that you work @ Rassmussen BMW? Are you a SA?

How long does it usually take to install some KW V2 coilovers? Can't I just bring it into Rassmussen and have them install it? They installed my 8000k D1S bulbs and replaced my intake manifold that I broke installing my AA BOV.

I dealt with Pete Perez over at the motorsport department @ Rassmussen and he is okay about installing aftermarket performance parts. Although he did advise me to take out my AA Xede before I take it in for service.


Leland - I'm not an SA. I handle risk management/body/dent/wheel repair as well as being our Customer Service liaison. Essentially I wear many hats at my Center. I have no idea about install times on suspension but it definitely wouldn't be a problem.

Pete really is a great guy and really knows his stuff. I remember him talking about meeting you. I wouldn't worry about taking out your Xede unless you're having an issue with the car running incorrectly - that's the only time it would be scrutinized (ask me how I know)...