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Ty Vil

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Originally Posted by eshtog View Post
Hi Ty,

I was going to ask you how mod friendly is Rasmussen? I have never had problems with them in the past but I am sure you have more experience. BTW sorry if my last post came off rude that was not my intent.

Thanks for all your help!
I would describe us as "very mod friendly" - we really like/specialize in modded up cars. We just had an AMAZING E93 in last week!

The only issue we had recently was a client who had a black box (I forget what software) and was VERY demanding we fix his car when it wasn't running properly. His mods wouldn't have been a problem if he'd just paid cash to diagnose his car/fix the problem. However his mods+his attitude of "fix it now under warranty"(a much bigger factor)=inspection by BMW field service engineer.

Your car is actually one of my favorites that comes in! I hope all of you guys are coming to see us for service or even if you just want your car washed/fluids topped off.