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Originally Posted by Hotcoupe
I think it's about time the revenue looked at the mileage allowances though, as the current 40p per mile (first 10,000mls) and the 25p (for everything over 10,000mls) is looking pretty mean at the moment.

They are, but not in the way you would like. While looking on their website yesterday I noticed a consultation paper in which they were propsing to tier the approved mileage rates against CO2 emissions and mileage.

So a higher emission car would get a starting rate of 25p per mile and low emissions one something like 55p.

Barking mad, because that's exactly the reverse of the intention of the approved mileage rates.

First they f*ck up company cars, now they are trying to f*ck it up for those of us who have opted out.
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