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Originally Posted by bringsmewomen
There are two great picture opportunities. One is by the jones beach toll booths I mentioned earlier with all BMWs parked next to a booth. The next is if there arent that many cars, to park it all by the front of the pencil in front of field 4. I think you are allowed to stand by the curb with the car. If it's really deserted (which it wont be if its nice out) we can take one around the pencil. That would be really cool but I highly doubt that would be possible. Does anyone know of a professional photographer or anyone with a good camera?
Hey BringsMe- My friend is a pro photographer, he even has his own home studio....he has many cool digital Cameras some SLR Nikons and Canons....and he was looking to get a lexus IS/Acura TL...well guess what...he should receive his Black.terra e90 in a few he is going to come along.....
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