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Originally Posted by TTG View Post
+ if you don't know how to drive may be?

People (including me) have been driving cars with over 350hp in WA State for years and yet the spin the wheels unintentionally in rain..... So please don't make it sound like it is impossible to drive this car in rain. If you know what you are doing you will be fine even with a 550hp car.

1) I don't quite understand that first sentence, i think you made a typo somewhere... Either way, I think I understand the point you are trying to make...

2) to quote myself:

"I hate driving when it is wet out... I can barely touch the gas pedal from a stop without having my tires spin... Oh well, I guess things could be worse... I could still be driving a honda "

I didn't say it was impossible to drive in the rain. I simply stated that FROM A STOP you can't accelerate hard without the wheels spinning.

I am aware of the technique used by many drivers out there that involves using the gas lightly which will enable me to drive safely in the rain. Still, I find it much more enjoyable to drive my car when it is dry out and I do not have to use this driving technique.