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Originally Posted by douger View Post
Further, when DSC takes corrective braking action on a single wheel, torque is automatically redirected to the wheel opposite it. This means the BMW xi can keep moving even if only one wheel has traction.
That is correct, but the system manages that transfer of power by applying braking pressure to the individual wheels. It attempts to "act" like an LSD or locker, but it will reach a certain point where it cannot apply enough brake pressure to the tire with the least amount of traction. At that point, your car will stop moving, even if one wheel has traction. The braking force on the other 3 wheels will be so great that the one wheel with traction won't be able to drag those 3 wheels along.

More than likely, in everyday driving, you will not encounter a situation where the xi system won't get you moving. And who drives around in the rain with all the stability systems turned off anyway? So on our rain soaked NW roads, the xi system will smoke the RWD cars.

Basically, I'm justing busting your chops for thinking the RWD cars are "one wheel drive" and AWD cars are "all wheel drive" when really they are "two wheel drive!"

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