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Originally Posted by SeanM View Post
seems the so caled "diffuser" on my e91 is white when it should be painted gunmetal/black.

The car is going into BMW next week to have a huge bonnet chip sorted out so I thought i may aswell get the bumper sorted.

Issue is my dealer is not sure what the corret colour should be, is there anyone that might have a BMW colour refrence number for me?

also, do you agree I should paint it the correct colour...? I think it would look "sportier" see pics below


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the diffusor piece unpainted is a dark grey/black color, which is what most ppl have it as. some people choose to paint the diffusor piece flat black or satin black to give it even more contrast. personally, i left the diffusor on my aw unpainted.

Originally Posted by Bimmerchop View Post
Heres a quick PS to give you an idea...

fyi - the strip in the middle should also be dark-colored. see pic below: