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thanks fizzle nizzle

Game..did you do the claying?

i just want to get it ready for the spring since the winter is almost im in no rush, just wanna get an idea who does it and how much...
Yeah I clay too... I just didn't clay last week.... I detail my car like every week... lol im nuts, but I keep it looking good...

Heres a list of my usual...

*Wash /w Foam Gun & then Microfiber Mit
*Dry w/ Waffle Weave & Blower (for hidden water)
*Clay w/ Lube
*Wash again (If I got time)
*Polish w/ Flex Buffer (I usually do it like once every 2 months w/ white pad, light)
*Seal w/ Sealant (Of choice, I got many... I like to mix and match, but so far on alpine whites, I love the one I used last week... Super wet look)
*Seal again w/ Jetseal (If needed another coat after super wet seal^)
*5050 wax for LSP (I also have different waxes, I like to mix and match..)
*Will also clean undercarriage at request
*Will degrease your tips of the exhaust....

*Wash/clean greatly with special wheel pad w/ soap/warm water...
*Seal w/ Jetseal for 30-45 mins (while im cleaning inside) -- I have color wheels but the protection works on either.....
*Wipe later w/ micro...
*Tire dress the tires.

*Spotter Remover/Cleaner
*Clean leather/Seal leather
*Clean glass with glass cleaner (inside/out)
*Protection on vinyl/trim

Thats my usual Thursday on my car.... My loving g/f gets madd but I can't blame her lol........

I only use products from: Chemical Guys, Zaino, and Poorboys! Mostly CG's though.....

All my towels and pads/mf's get cleaned with CG's Microfiber Towel wash!

God, I'm too much