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Originally Posted by needforspeed View Post
It's OK if you don't like him, but I have to say I think he comes across as anything but arrogant.

I just read his book and I think he seems like a really decent lad, with his head screwed on and a Dad that would move heaven and earth for him.

I'm sure a lot of people who came across him within the Karting scene resented his sponsorship and his ability. Worth remembering though that he only got that sponsorship because he was a winner and because he KEPT winning.

The boy can drive.

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i was there when he was karting

speak far more than talent in this game.....

Ill go into it in depth one day with you.. Not on here.

He is arrogant, i saw the him growing up. YOu not see him push the other two out the way with his elbows on the podium

Arrogant yes, give it another year, he will be propa ghetto like he used to be.
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