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What you have to remeber dave is, YOUKNOW **** ALL about him and his backgroudn

i was there and saw it all. END OF

Seeing someone, who was not the best in his game, now at the top of international motosport and doing well DILUTES WHO WHOLE ASPECT OF IT.

it really does. Seeing soem kid get his ass whooped day in day out in interational motosport only to be leading the world F1 championship today takes the piss a little, makes it all seem a little to much pays the way sorta thing, I dont expect YOU to understand it or even care. Keep on supporting the kid whose better than sliced bread mate (my arse)

just an example

raikonnen karting to f1 = 18 months
alonso 2 years
schu m 3 years

hamilton 6 frickin years. and has the best car... with the money ploughed into that **** he was never going to fail.
997.2 GT3

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