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Originally Posted by dxb335d View Post
has yours broke at all?
Not suite sure what you mean? If you mean have I had the issues since I got it then hell yes, its been in the garage around 7 times.

If you mean since they have had it for 3 weeks then I can't really say, as soon as it came out I had a flat tyre, had to wait a week for it to be repaired and now find out that the alloy has a crack in it!! Not sure if this is my fault or the garage as when I had the car returned to me, and felt the tyre go, the TPS system never told me that the pressure had gone, and basically the tyre shredded the inside wall. I have a feeling that when they returned the car to me I was running on the run flats and as I was driving normally it shredded the tyre. Its possible that I didn't crack the alloy myself? (Fun and games hey)

Anyway when I was driving it, I do feel that the power curve is a lot different, I should be getting it back later today so I can test it further so we will see ?

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