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biker212 Hi, i have an 07 320i M-Sport and have been having some problem's since January. My engine light came on in January took it to the dealer who said it was an electronic malfunction (fair enough) so they disconected the light and i arranged to take it back TWO weeks later for them to fix the electronics.
Reminded me of a friend who owned a Capri.
His oil light kept coming on, so he took the bulb out (it would have been quicker to top the car up with oil), after 2 weeks the engine blew up.

It's amazing to hear a BMW dealership telling you to do the same,albeit it was not the oil light.

After reading a lot of the comments,it's clear that most if not all the problems occured fairly soon after collecting a brand new vehicle, and since the first problems occured it seems that BMW have had more then the required chances to fix the problems.

In some instances the cars should/could be rejected as unfit for purpose.

It's quite shocking to hear of so many owners with so many problems with their cars.

Good luck with the outcomes Chaps,I hope it does not put you off the marque, but given all the above, it would not surprise me if in the fullness of time you don't pop up on Audi forums.

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