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Originally Posted by ferrari355fi View Post
i believe with the employee lease program, you can only get 1 car every 24 months. If you decide to get rid of your car before the lease ends, I think you have to wait until the term of the lease would've ended to lease another one under the program.

Im not an employee anymore. Im looking to get myself out of it, because Employee leases are not transferable. I would rather get myself out of it and try to finance if I could....if not, lease, then kick the lease off to someone else, and bingo, Im out free.

As much as I would really like a 911, that is not going to happen just yet...I dont have 20k to kick around for a mid 80s SC or something...and no bank will give me a 20k loan....

I really need to get myself a new job first...once that is set, see what the pay is like, then turn over and get a car if I can afford would be the best way. Also I would like to see what the lease rates come down to next fall.

Im a year into the 335 as it is now...pretty happy with it to be honest, but its just me and the girl, so I would like to pimp something around thats smaller.

Either that, or wait til the Z4M come down cuse of the V8's introduction...wouldnt mind me one of those, or even just a Z4 3.0 hardtop...
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