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Originally Posted by itsbrokeagain View Post
Im not an employee anymore. Im looking to get myself out of it, because Employee leases are not transferable. I would rather get myself out of it and try to finance if I could....if not, lease, then kick the lease off to someone else, and bingo, Im out free.

As much as I would really like a 911, that is not going to happen just yet...I dont have 20k to kick around for a mid 80s SC or something...and no bank will give me a 20k loan....

I really need to get myself a new job first...once that is set, see what the pay is like, then turn over and get a car if I can afford would be the best way. Also I would like to see what the lease rates come down to next fall.

Im a year into the 335 as it is now...pretty happy with it to be honest, but its just me and the girl, so I would like to pimp something around thats smaller.

Either that, or wait til the Z4M come down cuse of the V8's introduction...wouldnt mind me one of those, or even just a Z4 3.0 hardtop...
there are some major rebates on the Z4M, and dealerships are discounting them like a mofo.