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Originally Posted by biker212 View Post
Just been reading all your comments, i have also been taking my car to HJ in southport.

I have done 4,500m get 22mpg and had it since september 07. One thing i do notice is that when i have 60-100 miles to go the shake is far worse than if i have a full tank.

From what i have been reading it doesnt seem like replacing the 2 sensors i have been waiting for will work, should i suggest anything to the dealer or is it best to contact BMW direct through e-mail. I have tried ringing BMW customer service to be told, if you have the car booked in for inspection we are unable to do anything unless the light turns to red and we can then recover your car arrange for a replacement vehicle and take your car to your local dealer. I dont know about anybody else but i dont want to be travaling long distance waiting for the red light to apear,

Biker, welcome! Shame this has brought you to the forum. You don't have to wait for the red engine light. I only had the yellow light but, as I had to drive from Scotland to London, I put the ball in BMW's court (spoke to a BMW Tech via BMW UK) and asked whether this was advisable given that the yellow light means "Visit dealer as soon as possible". They said no, don't do the journey and recovered the car, as it was inadvisable to do such a long journey with the warning light on. If in doubt, get BMW to take the risk by posing the $64000 question of "what should I do?" And record the operator's name and date and time of call.

I'll be f****d if I'm going to give BMW the chance to blame a catastrophic failure on a new 28K motor on me.

Welcome jamjon too!

Good luck