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Originally Posted by D0WNxiSH1FT View Post
Why would you want such a small turbo? Isn't the stock turbo on the VR4 the TD04-13T like the WRX?

Go with a 16G from the Evo3.
I wish the stock was the same as the wrx, would make life a lot easier.

The stock turbos on the 8th gen galant VR4 were only very tiny TD03L-7T's. These cars were only released in Japan I think and have only recently been approved for import into Australia. People have successfully got td04's on, but it takes a @#$tload of supporting mods to do it. Then the running gear is at risk also.

The standard 335i turbo is a lot easier, it's almost bolt-on, and will allow more hp to run through.