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Originally Posted by Digital.James View Post
Anyone who is very confident and knowledgeable with ECU's want to help me install my JBX this Saturday? I think I'll be good, but would like the assurance of having someone there to tell me if I'm about to fuck something up.

I'll buy pizzas and beers as incentive!
Are you beta testing the new Juicebox X or is the JBX just an abbreviation for Juicebox?

Either way, it's a fairly straightforward install. I'd help but I have plans already. Just double check your wiring before you go on to the next wire and then triple check before you start the car. Just go slow and you'll be fine.

It helped when I saw the video of the install then read the instructions. I brought my laptop out, sat it on the engine and walked through it all step by step. If you can do it that is a great solution.

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