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Originally Posted by Gen_E92 View Post
I'm pretty sure there won't be enough demand for a complete CF bumper, might have a chance with the M3 crowd. If they gonna make a bumper it won't be replica for sure, they made the CSL bumper b/c there's no way to get a oem one w/o CSL VIN.
the concept of getting not being able to get oem csl parts without the vin is whack. they will actually stretch it further by having you show some type of evidence of ownership as well, so just a vin won't do, but still getting oem is pretty simple you know the right people, myself included.

more info on that here:

the vorsteiner m3 is the same as the oem csl. maybe the inlet tube is different in diameter but w/e. i just call them replicas lol. what does replica stand for on here just a cheaper version of something? so what would something like this be called where you make it look exactly the same in different material and sell it lol.

for those who already have the m front and others will be attracted to a full c/f m front bumper with splitters.