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Narbeh Davidian

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Well the situation seems kinda tough. But I personally know the service manager at Pacific BMW because he is my next door neighbor. Class-A guy, I talk to him all the time about my car and he's always over for barbeque. What you gotta understand is that Pacific BMW is in the heart of Glendale, a place with more BMW's than average. They have an incredible number of cars coming in and you can imagine managing that place is tough. Now, with what happened to your car I can see where you are coming from. If you really hate the dealership, take it in for service and when they call back for quality control tell them about your experience and try to have this reach BMWNA. They'll contact you and try to resolve it as well as giving you a few gift cards. On the other hand, try going to a less crowded dealer in the area, Center BMW in Sherman Oaks being one, and have them take a look at the door panel. I know how it feels to have bad service, but I've seen the other end of the stick and Pacific is an extremely crowded service scene and they deal with a lot of major problems. Going to a smaller dealer can really help you out. The more you nag these guys who already know you hate them, the less they will want to help you out. I suggest going to a different dealer and making an appointment there. That way you can start off fresh with a new department.