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Smile NEW TIME!! SATURDAY Meet/Drive - 3/22/08

This is going to be a small meet, if anyone that wants to come can come with us, there is going to be a 335i, couple of E46 M3's and anyone else that wants to go. But rest assured, there will be no more than 15 cars, and you have to be able to go for a drive and not just come and go for the pics.

So far.. Make sure to list the car your coming in, so we know who you are.

1. Me (335i coupe)
2. Pizdous (E46 M3)
3. Jugar (E46 M3)
4. ArBrnSnpr (E46 M3)

Anyone else want to partake in this mini roadtrip?

EDIT: I will post info by tonight on location, time and other necessary info. I encourage you guys to ask some questions lol.

Search my post history for info on my old meets or just search up "Oregon/Washington" in the Search and you will find all the pics and info of my old meet. I encourage people to come.

Location: For non-complicating reason we will meet at our old meet place until we find somewhere new..
2272 NW Savier St. Portland, OR 97210

Google maps everyone.. my account is new and wont let me directly show link.. Sry. :/

As soon as the people come we will leave for our drive and go have fun.
ALSO.. if you think you will make it late but still want to join us, PM me and I will give my phone # so this way I can update you guys on our location so this way you can catch up.

Time: I think we should do another meet to start again at 12:00 PM because it seems easy to get ready and get there for most people.

Things to do: Cruising and maybe some industrial area routes, I got a friend who told me some GREAT routes which I can't remember. We will also probably drop by Starbucks in case anyone is itching for coffee? Haha.

Bring walkie talkies.. Valentine 1 reasons.

Date: Saturday, March 22nd, 2008

Also bring cameras and video cameras, and I will figure out how to lower the quality on my HD Cam because 19 seconds=64.4 mb. UGH!

Hopefully you can all come.