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Originally Posted by
Ohh, classic cosmo. VERY classic. Picking out "A$$hole", lol.
thats just too funny. I am sorry, I was trying to be less offensive by putting two $ signs.

And another classic part of you, "English". Oh wow, I guess we are in English 101 forum huh?
If you can't understand broken english and only rely on "correct" english, you are not very good at "English".

And yes, like what 3aficionado said, I wasn't directly calling you an "a$$hole"(are you going to correct me again, professor?), it was an example. You may know how to conduct yourself like a gentleman, but you have problem understanding stuff. Read the posts you posted above. You are the one making false assumptions and stereotyping the original poster in this thread. Cry baby gangsta? Maybe you don't even know how to conduct yourself like a gentleman afterall.

Its ok. its not my first time to see such thing.
Communication is not the act of transmitting messages; it is the act of making sure messages are received.

Numerous people have complained about the syntax and incomprehensibility of the original poster. Of course, it is my opinion that the original poster comes off like a "crybaby gangsta". That opinion was based on the message he attempted to convey. (Wah!) Maybe that's just the way teenagers talk today, enahanced by the failings of the educational system. As I (as well as every BMW Service Department) function in the Adult world, the message comes off as malicious jibberish.

The message you conveyed to me, Lux, intentional or not, is that you think I am an a$$hole (which I hope means an asshole, but with money!) Don't worry; I do not offend easily.

As the saying goes: Assholes are like opinions- everyone's got one.
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