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Originally Posted by DJ9 View Post
LOL, what? You originally posted 4/2 as Port Hueneme bro, not SD. 4/5 was what I posted from the Hueneme calendar schedule in post #6. Thanks for another reiteration.

Anyhow, best of luck to you.
BRO... Now you're just getting into technicalities. I just changed the title of my original post to satisfy you. You might want to ask a mod to change the thread title since that may annoy you. I wasn't aware that it stopped in SD b4 Port hueneme, obviously you didn't either! Since we're getting technical here, it's probably going to stop in Long beach after SD, and then Port hueneme. According to your Post #6, you were told it was going to arrive 3/23? Sounds like you were given misinformation too. Cut me some slack BRO!!!
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