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Originally Posted by tisme View Post
I am keeping my fingers crossed for a red metallic and my order goes in as soon as details are available.

I have an Imola Red E46; lovely colour and I do want a dull and boring grey - why on earth do BMW have to introduce such dull colours as space grey - cloudy grey would have been a more apt description!
Maybe we'll get lucky and see Imola Red return on an e90 ZHP, or ZHP-LIKE e90...

I don't know that I would buy it though, I love my Imola Red, but I'm most likely keeping the e46, I dunno about having two Imola Red's. I love the color, but would probably get a blue to compliment the red...

You mentioned a "metallic" red, maybe they'll give it the special metallic red they are putting on the e92 M3's. I might consider that since it wouldn't be the same color. I didn't like it at first (the metallic red) but its growing on me...

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