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Originally Posted by smokeya1 View Post
Hey HYPERM3, you're probably a teenaged pimple faced pre-pubiescent teen who cant handle the fact that BMW decided to use RFTs for a reason. You obviously think you know more about the car than the people who designed it.
Common sense should tell you that if the car did not come with a spare tire, than BMW does'nt want you to use non-RFT tires. Technically this could void your warranty because the suspenison was tuned for the RFTs. Oh, so here you are trying to be cool sounding off like you can do whatever u want with your car, sure, id like to see you get a flat in the middle of nowhere, beat up and robbed. Sound like you shouldnt even be driving a BMW,more like a PT cruiser. Grow up you little immature kid.
I decided to actually respond to you(dont know why) but I will not dignify you on your misaligned accusations. You, however, are the one who needs to take a look in the mirror and ask yourself if you want to represent yourself in this way to others. Or do you want to flex your invisible interweb muscles.

That being said. The reason BMW went with runflats is because they could make more money off of it in the long run. Each car now has one less full size wheel and tire. Put that in your calculator and figure out the savings. Then whenever someone needs to replace a tire, more than likely they will go to the dealership instead of a local tire place, again put that in your calculator. Is it adding up for you yet? Run flats typically have a much lower wear rating than non-RFTs(probably 10-15k vs 30k+ for non-RFT's) which means they need to be replaced more often. Holy cow that calculator is on FIRE!!

While my common sense seems to be quite a bit different than yours, I don't think by BMW not including a spare tire/kit did they "Not" want me to use non-RFT's. They just made it harder for people to go that route. And well, it seemed to have put the "fright" in several people, including you, and they succeeded in their marketing tactic.

While it may be true that BMW designed the suspension around RFT's(don't get all giggly that I just partially agreed with you) because I know the Corvette is designed around that too, it doesn't mean non-rft's will have that much of an impact on the car. This however will have NOTHING to do with a warranty nor would it get voided because of such(another scare tactic for you to keep buying tires from the dealership(see a pattern here?)).

And in terms of having a flat in the middle of nowhere. Sigh..... If you're in the middle of nowhere on RFT's that say youre not supposed to drive more than 50 miles, where do you think youre going either? Secondly, every flat Ive ever had was a nail in the tire, not a blowout. Blowouts are so rare these days that they are borderline non-existent. Nail-in-tire flats usually cause a slow leak, not an overnight leak. They can be patched(Ive done two in my driveway already this season) for much less than the cost of one of the RFT's that say they cant be patched at all. And lastly, I have AAA, I live in suburbia and its a very slim chance I would get beaten up and robbed(more true in the middle of nowhere which you seem to be stuck on).

So, after that, do you still want to try kicking sand?
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