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Originally Posted by Squawks
The Mac is so simple, in fact, that I learned the complete ins and outs of the entire OS in a matter of days. For Windows/PCs, on the other hand, it's endless. No matter how deep you dig, the OS is so complicated it's mind-boggling.
Ahhh, the beauty of a Mac. For the average user all of the technical garbage is hidden. My guess is that you zipped through the System Preferences in a matter of days and deemed yourself 100% competent with Mac OSX. I'm guessing you also poked around in Terminal, or created some AppleScript too.

On the surface OSX is very simple. It was designed that way. There is no need for the casual user to fiddle with all of the setting that they know nothing about. BUT if you want to, it's all possible through Terminal... or by logging on as root.

If one has the knowledge, then they know how to get into the nuts and bolts of the Mac OS. Windows, on the other hand, allows anybody to poke around with system critical settings. As an IT admin, I certainly know how users wreak havoc on their machines by fooling around with settings they know nothing about.
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