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Tip for those concerned with durability of RFT Run Flat Tires

I hit a pothole at 800 miles in my 335xi and bubbled one of the front 18" Bridgestone Runflats. Of course the dealer told me I had a bent rim and the tire was toast (815$ to have them fix it), but having no vibration or indication the rim was f'd, I was sceptical. I decided to get all new wheels, replace the one bad tire, and keep the rest of the Bridgestones. My car had 1600 miles when I took it to Discount tire to get the new wheels/tire installed. I purchased the $44 certificate from them which is a no questions, no hassle replacement plan that is not pro-rated for mileage. They then told me that I could actually put the certificates on the rest of the factory tires also, due to the low mileage of the car. So, now for $176, if I ever hit a pothole again, all or any of my tires could be replaced for free, as long as they are within the legal treadlimit. This also included an punctures or whatever damage to the tire. Just something to keep in mind of all of you owners out there who didn't opt for the tire insurance from BMW. These RFT tires are shady at best, and at $275 a piece, this may be a good option for alot of people who have a Discout Tire in their area......

ps. I had Discount check my rim and they said that if it is bent, it's so minor that there is no way I would need to replace it, so the factory rims will have snow tires on for next winter, and I just saved 500 bucks.