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Originally Posted by Squawks

eleven24 - are you secondguessing my competency with OS X? That's absurd and why should I even try to make some kind of rebuttal to your disparaging remark? I'm not a genius and it definitely doesn't take one to master ALL of the OS X. The Terminal? Hah - Windows has MULTIPLE forms of "Terminals" for multiple purposes.
I don't think that he is secondguessing you at all. He's just saying that if you are going to make the comparison, make sure you're comparing apples to apples. The Mac OS is an entirely dumb-downed gui of unix, which purposely makes it very easy to manuever. With that being said, "mastering it" takes virtually no time. This by itself makes Windows 12872 times more complicated.

However, if you dig deeper you'll hit mother Unix (aka the terminal). Which I can tell you is 1293084192834710928735176 times more "powerful/complicated" than any Windows machine...

But, I see where you're getting at...