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bmw325i 2002 -stalling Hazard

BMW 325i 2002, Since car purchase- this is an automatic--it has stalled out multiple times- With my baby inside and myself- IE: pull out into busy traffic lane and stalls 20 feet into lane..stalls in parking lot as we exit- and causes other cars to nearly crash---stalls on freeway entrance...for no reason. Started when car was 3 months old..and dealer said I might have to drive it more, they can't find the problem-Took it in 3 times for same problem- no response from dealer--no repairs done. -then researched online and found several persons with the same problem--took it back to dealer- they held car for about 1 week and couldn't duplicate problem and said it was my problem now as it is over warranty--yet I took car in prior to end of warranty period- car has not been driven more then 9000 miles in 4 years- and I won't risk killing my family with this car. URGENT ADVICE NEEDED