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Thanks to all those so far that have replied to my original question. However I see that we are starting to get a little offtrack in terms of the complexity of the programing when comparing the two operating systems.

Here are a few characteristics I'm looking at:

1) battery life - the longer the better
2) size - shouldn't be bulky and weigh a ton
3) build - eg built with quality and able to withstand some rough treatment (accidental banging)
4) handle all the usuall MS Office and also multimedia functions

The Macbook that I'm considering is this one:

I would also be looking for a similar configuration in the PC laptop.
I'm currently considering the Dell 9400

I'm well aware I could get more machine with DELL than with Apple when comparing the amount I would be paying. However I would rather pay more for quality. I'm also aware that DELL butchers their systems and use proprietary parts even though they are from 3rd party vendors.

Other than that choices would be either an HP or a Toshiba.

I'm planning to keep this laptop for at least 3 yrs and so the technology must last and ***IMPORTANT*** be compatible with MSFT's new Vista OS. I'm hoping that this will be the case with Apple. Anyone know?

Any other suggestions would be great!