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Originally Posted by Sub Zero View Post
hey im mostly a lurker but i have to chime in about bellevue bmw. ive been there 3 different times to check out cars the past few years and not once did a salesman ever come to help me out. once there was even 4 salesguys doing nothing but standing around at the front door yet still didnt come to ask if i needed assistance.

Not defending Bellevue here, but that to me is a "catch-22." I for one hate being swarmed like a piece of carrion by the "sharks" or "vultures" as soon as I step onto the lot. I like to look around on my own first, without a shadow pestering me. I know more about the cars I'm interested in than the salesman, so they really are of little use to me until I want to sit in the car, take it for a test drive, or inquire about available inventory.

When I reach that point, usually a salesman has come over to see if I need help. If not, I don't bother waiting for them to find me, I go find them. Frankly, I'd rather go find them when I'm ready instead of the other way around.
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