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Originally Posted by Amir87 View Post
Hey are you going to the drag strip anytime soon?
I would like to race and see what happens. I ran a 8.8x on the 1/8 with SSTT and Intake. You would destroy me but I want to see how it turns out.
I'm not much of a track guy, but I'd be interested in knowing as well since I'm about to sell it and my daily driver 97 GT for a 335i. I think it's too late now though. I don't think I'll have the car long enough for anything, and I need at least DRs to make any kind of run with it. It will spin the tires if you're going 50 MPH or less.

I know the 335 wont keep up, but I'm hoping it's at least livable, haha. 335s are running what, up to about 350 RWHP? The Cobra is 450 RWHP and I think the BMW is about 100 pounds lighter, so that's basically a wash.

Edit: I'm guessing I can run about a 7.5 1/8th if I can drive, which I can't promise.