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Originally Posted by M3to335 View Post
Sorry, I wasnt necessarily speaking about myself. I've got V2.1 Procede with Catless downpipes and UR intake on 93 octane. Shiv put down 385/400 on 91 octane so hopefully Im around 400. We'll see someday. Im pretty sure his maps limit torque to 400ft-lb though.

Quite a few folks dyno'd over 400whp with other setups though. Its no rocket ship, but still one of the quicker cars I've owned.
Well, like I said, I know nothing about these cars still. I don't know what each mod adds power wise. I thought looking at some graphs that the basic tunes were getting around 330 RWHP or so and then I know you can go more aggressive, plus there's exhaust, etc. To be honest I was thinking you'd be pushing 360-370 without going too crazy, but maybe there is a little more that I dont know about.

But, I'm probably going to lease the 335 because I'm going to be saving money for a house, and plus this is their first generation with the twin turbo, in 3 years they may have something much more impressive out that I'd like to replace it with. So I probably wont be going too fast. Just mods that I can strip quickly if I need to go in for service.