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Originally Posted by mantis View Post
ruxp - is this your first manual?
the reason why i am asking is what you are describing sounds very normal to me, so i am wondering if you are experiencing this ONLY in this car vs. other 6mt's you have driven or if this is your first extensive 6mt experience
This technically isn't my first manual, as I bought a '96 Ford Escort 5 speed once on a lark a couple years ago (it was only $800 or so).. but I only drove it like twice before I moved and got rid of it, and I was an extreme noob with it. I've driven a couple other manual cars as well here & there.

But yeah, this is the first manual I'm driving extensively. I appreciate all the tips & help in this thread. It only took me a couple days to get comfortable with it, but since then I've gotten exponentially better still.