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DavidN: Man, that is one fine guide to detailing! Respect to you for that one.

I hope to be using your method soon on my new 325.

A couple of questions:

1. I don't have a polishing machine and even though I want a nice looking car, I don't plan on buying one:yet! I may be convinced later. If I understand you correctly, only a machine will get swirl marks out. I am hoping there aren't any on the new car. So ZPC will be a waste of time until I buy a machine. But how about Z5? They advertise that to remove light swirls...

2. I am hoping on dawning the car using your washing method and then claying and then 3 layers of Z2 PRO. Do you think that should hold up on a new car after shipping?

3. The dealer has thrown in a free detail as part of getting the car to Vancouver (I am using Euro Delivery). I don't know whether to bother with the detail since I want to Zaino the car. Should I get the detail and then when it wears off, Zaino the car, or should I not bother with the detail since it'll do more damage than good?

I am hoping to maybe use the detail to get them to do the inside and wheels and maybe hand wash to get any sealant/wax off, before I clay and Zaino it.

Any thoughts...?
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