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Originally Posted by hkj
Take your CD collection and encode them in any lossless format you want and play on iPod. It will be identical to your CD. The only downside is the filesize is going to be considerable larger than a typically encoded (128kbps to 256kbps) mp3. But this is why I have a 60gig iPod.

My point exactly. Hence I encode my own songs at high quality.


Yes, I know. That's the problem with MP3, the compression.
If you want to keep high quality sound, then you have to keep file sizes larger, which then negates the whole portability issue.
Granted, storage is getting cheaper, but it'll be some time yet before we get better and cheaper.
I like CD's, and the new SACD is even better and would kill even a modest 60gig hard drive.

For me it's not cumbersome to carry CD's in my car.
That's why I dislike BMW's insistence on single CD players.
Everyone else can manage a 6CD changer in the dash except BMW.
Darn shame. iPod is no substitute for that.