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Originally Posted by marmite
I've no doubt that is true, but for many including myself the subtle quality decrease is acceptable over the pure HiFi of CD's - besides if you are after Hi Fidelity - surely road noise + wind noise + traffic are all far more of a factor than the effect of frequency cancellation in the mp3 algorithm ??
NO, they are not. The extraneous "noise" of the road or tires is "heard" as not part of the musical content, and is thus perceived as "noise". The problem with MP3 is that you have a degradation of the audio frequency itself, that is perceived as a loss of audio quality.

The noise is not an equal consequence to the CD quality, as much as the compression algorythm used.

iPod is a storage device and as such will carry that much data.
You can have 1 song that takes up all the space or 1000 songs that take up all the space. Point is, you have a limited space, and if you are impressed more so with carrying 10,000 songs of poor quality audio vs. 100 songs of true fidelity, then one is trading quantity for quality. The problem is that most people opt for the quantity.

There are a LOT of people both young and old that don't have a reference of what good audio quality is. The younger market has been told how great having 10,000 songs on the go is and their point of reference is the MP3 compressed file format. So, they may not know what they are missing to begin with.
I just hope cheap and fast storage space will come quickly along with better compression algorythmns before we have a generation of people who have either never heard a "hi-fidelity" recording, or have forgotten what it truly sounds like.

BTW, people have tried to tell me there is "no" to "very little" difference in the sound quality. Well, there is, by definition even of what "compression" does, the quality can be quite poor.