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Originally Posted by RPM90
That's the problem with MP3, the compression
While I do agree that MP3 is a "lossy" compression, I don't agree "compression" is the problem for audio quality.

Compression doesn't equate to loss of quality. There are lossless compression algorithms. For example, any file compression tools (e.g. winzip) you use are lossless. Similiarly, there are lossless audio compression algorithms.

But anyway, I digress, this is going off topic.

Originally Posted by RPM90
If you want to keep high quality sound, then you have to keep file sizes larger, which then negates the whole portability issue.
Granted, storage is getting cheaper, but it'll be some time yet before we get better and cheaper.
I like CD's, and the new SACD is even better and would kill even a modest 60gig hard drive.
A CD stores, what, 750MB of data, correct?

Assuming every single one of your audio CD is filled to last byte (which is a gross overestimation), and assuming you do not want to compress anything (despite having lossless compression audio formats available), a 60gig iPod allows you to carry nearly 80 CDs.

Carrying 80CDs to my car or carrying a tiny iPod? I think I'll take the latter.

What if my CD collection is huge? Like, say, 1000 CDs?

Well, unless you're gonna store 1000 CDs in the trunk of your car, you're going to have to keep everything in your shelf and only carry a select few to your car anyway. So, same thing here, pick 80 CDs and load them to your iPod. You can reload them anytime you want.

Again, iPod seems to beat CD solution in every aspect.

I don't own any SACDs, and I dont' know if your car plays SACDs. How much data do they hold? 5GB?

Again, even with my "anti-iPod" assumption, and assuming E90 plays SACDs, the iPod still holds 12 SACDs. I think I'd rather carry an iPod than carry 12 SACDs to my car.

Either way there's no quality disadvantage in using iPod, and it sure is a lot more convenient than carrying all those (SA)CDs.

From where I came from, this sure looks like a substution for a 6-disc CD changer (or, rather, a way better solution).

BTW I don't intend to start an ipod vs CD changer debate here. I'm just pointing out, that, if these concerns were the reason you held back on iPod, you might want to look into the "iPod craze" again as these aren't real problems with iPod.

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