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Hey first of all, you guys need to stop with the personal attacks , okay so he's got a anger problem, but all of you guys know if you took your brand new bimmer in and they said not only are we not gonna fix and hey i'm not even gonna give you the respect or time to tell you why :mad: I'm sure the Manager was like damn I aint dealing with this f**king a**, I'll fix him I won't give him the respect due as a customer. to Krndanic....dude relax :rocks: it aint worth it see if another dealer will fix it for you..respect gets respect, and I understand that sometimes losing ya cool may seem like the best thing ....but dude if your cool with the local chapter of the BMW club......gawd just let them get the word thru the grapvine that PACIFIC sucks. ...look at it this way look at how many people now on this post are going...SH***T I aint dealing with Pacific...and ya better trust somebody on here is saying hmm, I was gonna buy a car from them. ...I'll check the other guy....power of the pen my friend is a powerful thing. call another dealer ask him if ya can bring ya car in ....explain in a cool manner whats up, and i'll bet he goes....hmmm I'm gonna steal this guy from Pacific and he will do all his maint work here me